Get control
of the redlining

Advocat is built to manage every party in the contract. Business stakeholders, subject matter experts, and counsel can seamlessly collaborate, even if they are representing the counter party.

Clarity in collaboration

On-platform negotiation allows you and your counter party to work together to find a deal that works - without endless versioning or difficult-to-manage redlines.

Invitation management keeps everything on platform, even when each party has legal consultants, subject matter experts, and multiple stakeholders involved.

Internal and external separation ensures comments land with the right audience, securely and privately.

Invite anyone to contribute

Unlimited users means there is no need to manage licenses. Any expert can contribute exactly where they are needed - from finance to legal, sales and beyond - even if they are on the counter party’s team.

Smart notifications keep everyone in the loop exactly when they need to be. No more bloated email chains, just streamlined and effective collaboration.

Get to execution with on-platform signatures

Secure and compliant on-platform e-signatures allow you and your counter party to execute the contract you’ve negotiated quickly and easily.

Automated document management included with Advocat for the counter party allows you to move on seamlessly after execution.