Go beyond templates

A contract is more than filled-in variables. Advocat is the only contract lifecycle management platform that builds in relationships clause-by-clause: that means easier drafting, faster approvals, and more accurate contracts.

  • 1
    Draft quicker
    and clearer

    Self-service with plain language drafting means anyone can get the right contract on the first try.

  • 2
    Automate legal

    Advocat’s knowledge graph maps clauses and entities to statues and even world events so that every clause in every contract is in the right context.

  • 3
    Keep every template current

    Template management and automatic updates across Advocat’s contract library and your custom documents ensures you never miss an update.

The correct information at your fingertips

Reviewing for approval, drafting a contract, assessing risk, or just trying to understand - choose the lens you need.


AI-powered risk highlighting makes areas of potential concern visible at a glance.

Business users can see where drafting decisions they make could introduce legal or financial liabilities.

Legal users can see exactly why Advocat has highlighted or analyzed a clause as low risk so they can speed through repetitive work with confidence.


Cut down on requests and back-and-forth cycles by answering business user’s questions about meaning directly while drafting, enabling more effective self-service.

Provide your counter party an unmatched experience by walking them through the contract, saving you time and giving them confidence when working with you.

Drive clarity and consistency across your contract library.


Transparent AI ensures that there is no “black box” when it comes to contract creation. Any user can understand a decision and see why and when a clause changed.

Context is key for quick and well-informed approvals. See when users made changes, what clauses those changes impacted, and how that changes the overall approval status of a document.

Get the entire history of a document at your finger tips. View exactly what changed when so that everyone can stay in the loop, no matter when they join the contracting process.

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