Contracts are complex
The contract lifecycle doesn't have to be

Whether it’s automating approval, managing renewal, customizing workflow steps, or keeping every clause in harmony, Advocat handles it all.

Set approval guardrails

Set approval conditions and create transparency so that business users can understand and create better contracts from the first draft.

Manage approvers by role so that every stakeholder can provide their perspective in the right place at the right time, at the document level or clause level.

Streamline requests with built-in intake flows and document lifecycle management that eliminates repetitive and unnecessary back-and-forth between approvers and requesters.

Clarity for all parties

Comments on platform capture every stakeholder’s interests and provide clear next steps for driving a contract through to execution.

Smart notifications keep every approver and requester up to date with their pending actions and serve them the updates they need when they need them.

Clearly visible approval conditions and value scores allow business users to make better decisions before contracts go to legal, cutting out approval cycles and reducing contract drafting costs.

Living Repository

Automated legal research keeps all contracts up to date and captures risks as they emerge, from global sanctions events to changes in legal statutes.

Actionable analytics and notifications remove confusion and eliminate missed renewals and abandoned contracts.

Document ingestion allows existing contracts to be onboarded and managed, regardless of their origin.