Start with the right
contract so in-house legal sales teams HR teams your business

can avoid repetitive work close deals faster retain more talent do more

Get the right contract, fast

Self-serve contract creation enables anyone to build and manage the whole lifecycle of a contract from templates built from your organization’s library.

Knowledge graph-based insights model all the relationships and connections within every contract, eliminating error and pre-populating facts based on existing knowledge.

Document lenses enable in-the-moment perspective shifts. See meaning, risk, relationships, and more to better understand, approve, and execute every contract.

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& accurate approval

Guardrails set by your legal department eliminate the repetitive work for legal and ensure that business users know exactly what they need to get their document signed.

Dynamic approvals based on document content, context, and templates make approvals fast, less risky, and easier to track and manage.

Transparency in everything Advocat does - anyone can drill into automations and decisions Advocat has made to see exactly why and how.

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Contract Value

Payment schedule pre-approved, 
default clause

Legal - Mari Lopez
Contract Value

Negotiated NDA term length > 4 years requires review

Legal - Alex Chen
Contract Value

“We can’t accept liability this high on a contract of this value, please review...”

Legal - George Wilson

Guaranteed up-to-date documents

Date management ensures you never miss a renewal or key obligation date again.

Event notifications from internal changes to ever-changing sanctions - never miss a potential impact to your contracts.

Legal research made possible by Advocat’s Knowledge Graph tracks changes in the law, monitors for potential impact, and makes sure contracts are up to date.

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Smoother negotiations

Negotiation tools let you track and integrate every conversation with the counter party, streamlining the redline and approvals process.

Clarity for the counter party with Advocat’s optional lens tools allow the parties you partner with to better understand the contracts they're signing.

Signatures on platform ensure a seamless transition from drafting to approval to negotiation, though signature and storage.

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Digital contracting from the bottom up

Transform the way you do business by creating better contracts, faster. Turn every lawyer on your company’s legal team into 10 by eliminating repetitive work, capturing your in-house insights, and streamlining requests with self service.


Execute deals fast with self service from Advocat’s documents or your organization’s custom onboarded documents.


Build the right contract with machine learning and knowledge graph-powered automated legal research documents.


Streamline document approvals and internal collaboration with a platform that understands the whole document in context.


Eliminate repetitive work and keep legal teams focused on the big questions with automated contract analysis and insights.


Manage contracts after execution with ongoing connections to changes in the law, from new cases to international sanctions.


Simplify the redlining process by managing the entire process on Advocat’s platform, with your legal team and anyone you invite from the counter party.


Engage the counter party through the entire drafting and execution process with a negotiation and signature platform.


Manage requests with built-in intake flows and document lifecycle management.


Build dynamic approval conditions and automate approvals according to your legal needs.