Advocat Pricing

Get the entire Advocat Document Library at a price that fits your organization. See how per-contract pricing can change how your organization manages contracts end-to-end.

Unlimited users Never worry about license management again. Invite everyone to collaborate without additional cost.

Access to the Advocat Contract Library - 20 documents and growing. Sign up and draft documents immediately.

Access to all Advocat features: document generation, approvals platform, legal research, repository, negotiation and signature platform. No feature gates. No limits.

  • Free

    Try Advocat now and we’re convinced you’ll sign up.

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    Up to 3 free contracts from Advocat's library.
  • Start

    Organization and peace of mind for businesses with light contracting needs.

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    From Advocat's library.
    • Access to the full contract library
  • Grow

    For businesses with increasing contracting demands and complexity.

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    From Advocat's library.
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    For custom contracts.
    • Access to the full contract library
    • Included implementation support
    • Priority ongoing support
  • Scale

    For transforming your entire contracting and legal process across multiple teams.

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    Custom implementations for enterprise-scale security and complexity.
    • Everything from previous tiers, with unlimited contracts
    • Custom integrations
    • Dedicated representative
    • Custom identity management and SSO
    • Dedicated representative
    • Dedicated support for onboarding custom legal guard rails
    • High availability SLA
    Best Value

Scale with your Advocat Custom Implementation

Integrate your custom contracts into Advocat’s document library in partnership with the Advocat team.

  • Transform your documents beyond templates with the Advocat Legal team.

  • Leverage all Advocat features, including the legal research, dynamic approvals, and negotiation platform, with your custom contracts.

  • Custom integrations and insights.

  • Keep full access to the Advocat Contract Library and augment it with your organizations templates.

  • Unlimited contracts.

  • Unlimited users and identity management integration.