Advocat was founded to make contracting accessible  to all

Early and growth stage startup founders, mid-market sales departments and contract managers, service providers, and small business owners all have something in common: They need legal agreements.  Another thing they have in common is that they usually hate the process because they find it painful and slow.

At Advocat, we are a team of people who care deeply about making legal agreements accessible.  We started as a generative legal AI company in 2019 (before GPT was well-known outside of tech circles) by building our own AI models and along the way embraced the rapid improvements in generative AI.  We have been thrilled to be part of the movement to engineer and use advanced generative AI models to fundamentally improve access to the law.

Our Story

Pradnya Desh, our founder and CEO, is an attorney and former US diplomat.  She represented the United States at the WTO and the UN Committee on Trade and Development in Geneva, Switzerland.  Then she led an award-winning law firm in Seattle/Bellevue. It was there that she observed that the legal process is broken—expensive, complex, and slow—negatively impacting companies and most importantly, the people in them. She set out to make the process better, and Advocat was born.

Her goal is not to replace attorneys with AI, but to create a world in which AI to handles the rote, repetitive, time-consuming parts of law, while attorneys handle advice, decision-making, strategy, and relationships.  She wants to replace the pain of legal processes with joy and connectedness.

Our Values

  • We strive to make legal work joyful, not tedious.

    Work should always be engaging. We free up lawyers to focus on more important and satisfying work.  

  • We empower legal and business to work in harmony.

    We believe legal and business should never see each other as barriers, but as trusted and valued partners.

  • We believe law should be driven by purpose, not process.

    We give lawyers time to dig into the why, and go way beyond the how.

  • We re-imagine law through design.

    We accomplish our goals of transforming legal practice by leveraging design thinking and a focus on every user.