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Start with better contracting

Advocat's AI-powered contracting gives your sales and legal teams the tools to cut out repetitive work, reduce risk, improve accuracy and negotiate faster.

Draft quicker and clearer

  • Self-service with plain language drafting makes sure you always start with the right contract.
  • Set approval conditions so that business users can understand and create better contracts from the first draft.

Reduce legal risk

  • Automated legal research keeps all contracts up to date and avoids risks as they emerge.
  • Manage approvers by role so that every stakeholder can provide their perspective in the right place at the right time.
  • Actionable analytics and notifications remove confusion and eliminate missed renewals.

Align sales and legal

No more endless emails, lost documents and mystery deal status. Advocat enables sales and legal to effectively collaborate in one central space.

Clarity for all parties

  • Comments on platform capture every stakeholder’s interests and provide clear next steps.
  • Smart notifications keep every approver and requester up to date with their pending actions.
  • Sales teams can stay constantly updated with the deal status.

Maximize your collaboration

  • Invite anyone to contribute exactly where they are needed - from finance to legal, sales and beyond.
  • Configure stakeholder views to control who sees what information. Internal and external separation ensures comments land with the right audience, securely and privately.

Get control of the redline process

  • On-platform negotiation allows you and your counter party to work together without endless versioning or difficult-to-manage redlines.
  • Streamline requests with built-in intake flows that eliminates repetitive emails.
  • Clearly visible approval conditions allow users to make better decisions before contracts go to legal, cutting out approval cycles and reducing contract drafting costs.

Close quickly with a unified process

Advocat integrates with your favorite CRM to create a seamless sales flow from opportunity to signing.

Manage all your deal efforts within one platform

  • Save, organize and share critical files in secure, central space.
  • On-platform comments and negotiation allows you and your counter party to work together quickly.

Execute deals promptly

  • Secure and compliant on-platform e-signatures allow you and your counter party to execute the contract you’ve negotiated quickly and easily.