Use AI to move contracts faster
(and reduce risk)

Advocat AI can shorten your contracting cycle by more than half

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Manage all of your deal efforts in one unified platform

Leverage the power of AI

Mitigate risk by using legal guardrails and streamline deals through ​AI-powered contracting.

Collaborate within our deal desk

The days of the legal team "black box" are over. Easily communicate with stakeholders and share critical files in a secure, central place.

Transform your CRM into a holistic solution

Integrate Advocat with your CRM to create a seamless experience from customer decision to contracting to deal approval.

Purpose built for technology companies

Don't waste time with generic solutions. With expertise in technology sales and legal operations, Advocat is designed specifically for closing technology deals.

Your end-to-end contracting solution

Advocat has you covered: Contract templates, customization, negotiation, e-signing, secure storage and compliance monitoring, all in simple, intuitive interface.

Contracting workflow
without the friction

No more back and forth emails. Save time by allowing all internal stakeholders to easily communicate real-time, share documents, redline and negotiate in our secure deal desk.

Empower your team
with tools they will love

Using our AI-powered contracting, give your team the tools to cut out repetitive work, reduce risk and automatically ensure compliance.

Multiply the efficiency of your teams

Mitigate risk, automate tasks and standardize time-consuming manual processes


Advocat automates tedious work and provides all the tools needed to move contracting faster from buyer decision to signature, so sales reps can focus on selling.


Legal teams will love the reduced risk of Advocat's legal guardrails. ​Our AI-guided contracting lightens the workload on legal staff.


Finance teams can better forecast quarterly revenue by closing deals on time. The accuracy of our AI-guided contracts reduces revenue risk.